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The European Tort Law Yearbook

Together with the Institute for European Tort Law, ECTIL, is the co-editor of the Yearbook on European Tort Law, an annual publication which summarizes the most important developments in tort law throughout Europe for each year presented at the Annual Conference on European Tort Law: After some feature presentations on current key issues of tort law, experts from all over Europe present the highlights of their contributions to the Yearbook at the Annual Conference on European Tort Law.

The reporters provide a comprehensive overview of the previous year's court practice and legislation in their respective jurisdictions. A comparative analysis reviews the essential aspects of all reports.

The first conference in this series was held on April 5, 2002 - you find more information via
The Yearbook was published by Springer (Vienna/New York until the end of 2009; since 2010 it is annually published with De Gruyter (Berlin/Boston). You find more information on this publication in our Publications subsection.

Please find further information via and in our publications subsection.