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Journal of European Tort Law

The Journal of European Tort Law (JETL) is the first law review to be dedicated to this important and dynamic area of European private law. It aims to contribute to the analysis and development of tort law in Europe by the publication of scholarly articles, comments and reviews. Its focus is primarily comparative, but it will also publish analyses of the tort law of single legal systems where the subject matter is of sufficient interest to the Journal’s general readership. Comparative analyses of non-European systems from the perspective of European tort law will also appear from time to time. The Journal embraces all scholarly perspectives, including economic analysis of law and socio-legal studies. Its subject matter is both substantive tort law, including its place in the general law of obligations, and the wider tort system, including its practical operation and its relationship with such institutions as private and social insurance.

The Journal is published three times a year. The General Editor is Professor Ken Oliphant, Director of the Institute for European Tort Law, ETL.

Further information, including subscription details and instructions for authors, is available on the JETL website: You may also download the Style and Citation Guidelines [here].

Queries may be addressed to Articles, comments and reviews should be submitted for consideration to The Journal applies a policy of double blind peer review.

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