World Tort Law Society – Product Liability

The theme of the WTLS's first research project is product liability. This is an area of law which constitutes ideal subject matter for the Society's endeavours as it plays an important practical role in various jurisdictions and at the time of writing, there had been no in-depth comparative legal study of global scope. The first conference took place in Harbin, China in autumn of 2013. The organisation of the conference was shared by all partner institutions of the WTLS: the Research Center for Civil and Commercial Jurisprudence of the Renmin University, ETL and ECTIL. During the conference current issues of product liability in the individual jurisdictions and certain basic questions were analysed – the latter through abstract questions and concrete cases – and problem solutions were discussed. The results up until now were already published in 2014 in Chinese. ‘Product Liability’ was also the topic dealt with at the second conference of the WTLS in Vienna in autumn 2015; the conference provided the framework for the work of the WTLS including conclusions and the discussions thereof to be finalised. The preparatory work, including the timetable, for an English publication of the reports and presentations was also  set. Afterwards, work on the next project ‘Liability for Road Traffic Accidents’ will begin. The next meeting and conference will take place in the USA in 2017.

Further information about the 2nd conference which took place in Vienna is available here.