Media and Law: The public task of the media and its corresponding obligation to truthfulness

At the end of 2006, the Austrian Academy of Sciences established a number of research centres, including the Social Sciences Research Centre, merging individual research institutions into centres in order to promote interdisciplinary research. Collaboration between scholars from different fields in the Social Sciences should lead to new insights, not only through discourse from different viewpoints, but also in the recognition of new questions. To facilitate this, a function of the Social Science Research Centre is to arrange public panels and discussions in which at least two research institutes discuss a topic from their different points of view, usually with the participation of an outside guest.

The second of these events took place October 16, 2008 and was dedicated to the task of the media and its corresponding obligation to truthfulness. Josef Seethaler (Commission for Comparative Media and Communication Studies of the Austrian Academy of Sciences), Helmut Koziol (Institute for European Tort Law of the Austrian Academy of Sciences), Alexandra Föderl Schmidt (editor-in-chief "Der Standard"), Angela Fritz (Department Economics & Media, FH St. Pölten), Michael Holoubek (Institute for Austrian and European Public Law, WU Vienna), Benedikt Kommenda (Editor-in-Chief "Die Presse") and Gottfried Korn (Editor-in-Chief "Medien und Recht") discussed this theme from various perspectives.