Web.pngSymposium: WikiLeaks – New Rules for New Forms of Communication?

On October 41, 4:30 pm the Symposium "Medienpolitik und Recht" organized by the Institute and the Commission for Comparative Media and Communication Studies will take place at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Following on from the successful first series of seminars, this first installment of the second series will focus on questions concerning the legal implications of new forms of digital media such as WikiLeaks.
o.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Walter Berka (University Salzburg), Dipl.-Inf. Constanze Kurz (Press Officer of the Chaos Computer Club, CCC, Berlin; official expert of the Enquête-Commission ‘Internet and digital Society’ of the German Bundestages) and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Caja Thimm (University Bonn) will discuss this theme from various perspectives.

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