Principles, Text & CommentaryB. Winiger/H. Koziol/B.A. Koch/R. Zimmermann (eds.)

Essential Cases on Natural Causation

Digest of European Tort Law, vol. 1

Vienna/New York: Springer 2007
632 p. ISBN: 978-3-211-36957-9

Language: English


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The "Digest of European Tort Law" is a product of a most ambitious research project: a collection of court decisions from almost all European jurisdictions on the most fundamental aspects of tort law. These cases are not only accumulated, but also structured, analysed and commented both from a national as well as a comparative perspective. Historical aspects are also considered, as are future trends, as outlined by current projects on the harmonisation of European tort laws. This complex comparative study thereby gives not only offer guidance for researching cross-border cases, but also allow a discussion of such harmonisation projects on the basis of real-life case settings.
The volumes of the project are published in the series "Digest of European Tort Law" produced by Springer (Vienna/New York).