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Tortious and Contractual Liability: Chinese and European Perspectives

Differing notions of the underlying concepts and functions of tortious and contractual liability, as well as the dividing line between the two fields, are a promising subject for a comparative study which seeks to contrast the discussions within continental European law and the common law with the relatively young Chinese perspective. This third project in the cooperation between ETL, ECTIL and Yantai University (China) addresses the topic ‘Tortious and Contractual Liability’. The results are published in English by Jan Sramek Verlag (Vienna). The connection between this volume and the other books produced via the cooperation is made apparent through use of the subtitle ‘Chinese and European Perspectives’.

Ernst Karner (ed), Tortious and Contractual Liability. Chinese and European Perspectives (2021), ISBN 978-3-7097-0275-8

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