Bjarte Askeland
Bjarte Askeland

Professor of Private Law,
University of Bergen,
Member of the European Group on Tort Law

Faculty of Law
University of Bergen
Magnus Lagabøtes plass 1
5010 Bergen
Tel: (+47) 55 58 95 84
Fax: (+47) 55 58 95 71


Curriculum Vitae
Bjarte Askeland was born in 1965 and graduated from the Law Faculty in spring 1991. He has been employed at the University of Bergen, Law Faculty since 1991, only interrupted by a two year period working as a assistant judge and later a judge at district county of Sorenskriveren i Jæren (1992-1994). He later worked at the University of Bergen, Law Faculty holding various positions; assistant professor (“amanuensis”) 1994-1996, doctoral scholar (1997-2000) and associate professor (2001-2005).
He got his doctoral degree in june 2001 on the subject of vicarious liability (Norwegian Title: Erstatningsrettslig identifikasjon). In 2005 he became a professor of law in Bergen.
In 2006 Askeland published a book on the topic of recourse models (“Regressfiguren”) in Norwegian tort law, also with some comparative material implemented. The book examines the idea of subrogation (as in § 255 BGB) and the idea of contribution (as in § 426 BGB) in order to make distinctions between the two models of recourse.
Apart from this Bjarte Askeland has written several articles in Norwegian on tort law and legal theory.
Askeland has since 2004 been participating in various projects within ECTIL Bjarte Askeland reports (and has reported in 2005 - 2012) for Norway in the annual Conference on Tort Law in Vienna (- the last four years with co-reporter Anne Marie Frøseth Anfinsen) He is also presently involved in several comparative research project run by European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law (ECTIL), Vienna, and European Research Unit Tort Law (ETL), Vienna.
Askeland was in april 2006 elected by the general board meeting as a fellow of The European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law, Vienna.
In spring 2006 Askeland was (together with professor Are Stenvik, Law Faculty, University of Oslo) a main coordinator of the first meeting within the Network of Nordic Tort Law Scholars in Oslo in April 2006, a meeting that was followed by a network meeting in Stockholm January 2008 and in Aalborg in January 2010.
As of September 2008 – June 2012) Askeland has been the leader of a research project financed by the Norwegian Research Council. The title and the academic focus of the project is "The Temporal Dimension of Tort Law".
From 2008-2011 Askeland was the leader of a law committee preparing standardised rules of assessment of personal injury damages within Norwegian tort law, see the public investigation NOU 2011: 16 “Standardisert personskadeerstatning”
As of October 2012 Akeland is one of two editors of the Norwegian periodical of tort law, “Tidsskrift for Erstatningsrett, forsikringsrett og velferdsrett” and he is representing the Law Faculty of University of Bergen in the Nordic contact committee serving the periodical Tidsskrift for Rettsvitenskap.
In April 2011 he became a member of The European Group of Tort law.