Irene KullIrene Kull

Professor of Civil law,
Chair of commercial and intellectual property law, University of Tartu,

University of Tartu
Faculty of Law
Näituse 20
50416 Tartu
Tel: (+ 372) 7 375 060
Fax: (+ 372) 7 376 060

Curriculum Vitae
Irene Kull is a professor of civil law and holds the position of the head of the chair of commercial and intellectual property law. She participated in the Study Group of a European Civil Code as an advisor on the Working Teams and from 2010 she has been a member of the Expert Group on a Common Frame of Reference in the area of European contract law. She lectures on contract law, law of obligations and European contract and commercial law. She is a member of the group of authors of comments on Estonian Civil Code Acts (Law of Obligations Act, General Part of Civil Code Act). Her main interests include the general principles of contract and tort law, harmonisation of European private law and comparative contract law. She is an advisor on the civil chamber of the Estonian Supreme Court and member of the Supervisory Board of the Bank of Estonia.