Helmut KoziolGiovanni Comandé

Full Professor of Private Comparative Law, Scuola Superiore S.Anna,
Pisa, Italy
Attorney at Law Member of the Italian State Bar in Pisa
Attorney at Law Member of New York State Bar
Member of the European Group on Tort Law

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Piazza Martiri della Libertà 33
I-56127 Pisa

Telephone: (+39) 50 8832 83 90
Fax: (+39) 50 883 210 290
E-Mail: gico@sssup.it

Curriculum Vitae

Academic Record
1996-1998 Post-Ph.D. Scholarship, Scuola Superiore S.Anna (Pisa, Italy)
1996 Ph.D. (magna cum laude), Scuola Superiore S.Anna (Pisa, Italy)
1995 LL.M., Harvard Law School (Cambridge, MA, USA)
1995 Visiting Researcher, Yale Law School (New Haven, CT, USA)
1992 J.D. (magna cum laude), University of Pisa School of Law (Pisa, Italy)
Professional Career
2002 Chairman of the "Southern Europe Working Group on notice and take down" for Rights Watch Consortium for the revision of EU Directive CE\2000\31 on electronic commerce
2001- Member of the Expert Committee on Personal Data Protection at the Presidency of the Italian Government for the drafting of a consolidated statute on Privacy and access to information
2000 University of South Carolina School of Law USA Visiting Professor of Comparative Electronic Business Law (e-commerce- privacy- public\private procurement)
1999- Scientific Director of Research Projects for the Italian Ministry of Science and Education, the Italian National Council of Researches, European Science Foundation, European Union, Public Administrations, public and private companies and organizations (complete list available)
1999- Professor by contract of Private comparative Law University of Pisa School of Law
1996- Member of the European Group on Tort Law
Areas of Interest

Comparative Law, Tort (personal injury damages, medical malpractice, product liability), European Private law, Insurance law, Information society law (mainly privacy and electronic commerce), Environmental Related Litigation, Bio-Right and Life sciences, Health and Law. Drafting of legal texts for the implementation of EU legislation; Technical assistance for EU candidate countries.

Current Research Projects
  • Fundamental rights and private law in the European union (Scientific co-director; sponsored by European Union contract RTN2-2001-00036)
  • Medical and hospital liabilities: legal, economic and social aspects into the society internationalization. A new system to control the risks and damages generated from medical malpractice according to an Italian and European view. (sponsored by Italian CNR)
  • Collection, conservation and allocation of human tissues: legal, social and economic aspects of human tissues banks in the national and international context. (sponsored by Italian CNR)

The above mentioned researches are run in co-operation with other European and Italian Universities. The Scuola personnel involved is formed by two professors, young researchers and Ph.D. candidates from several countries (mainly from Europe Union, North and South America) and some assistants.

Main Publications
  • Risarcimento del Danno alla Persona e Alternative Istituzionali. Studio di diritto comparato, Torino, Giappichelli, 1999, pp. 1-512, I-XXIV
  • Le regole giuridiche del commercio elettronico. Un'analisi di diritto comparato, Pisa, ETS, 2000
  • Il commercio elettronico. Profili giuridici, Torino Giappichelli, 2001 (in collaborazione con S. Sica)

Also, author of several essays and notes published in major Italian Law Reviews. Co-author of several books on privacy and e-commerce matters, tort law and on information-technology, both in Italian and English; Co-author with lawyers and economists of essays on topics included in his areas of interest. Publication list available.