SindeMonteiro.pngJorge Ferreira Sinde Monteiro

Professor of Private Law,
Coimbra University School of Law,


Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Coimbra
Pátio da Universidade
3004-545 Coimbra

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Curriculum Vitae

Jorge Ferreira Sinde Monteiro was born on 2 October 1944. He completed his licentiate degree in Law in the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra in July 1968.

In April 1972 he took his Master’s degree, the title of his dissertation being Reparação Dos Danos Em Acidentes De Trânsito (Compensation for Damage in Road Traffic Accidents). He was offered a position as lecturer in the Faculty of Law. The Faculty has awarded him 2 academic prizes.

From February 1973 to September 1975 he undertook his compulsory military service as a specialist-expert in law attached to the Navy General Staff.

In 1976 he worked as an Adviser to the Comissão de Revisão do Código Civil (Civil Code Review Commission). He has been a Researcher in the Centro Interdisciplinar de Estudos Jurídico-Económicos (Centre for Interdisciplinary Juridic-Economic Studies) of the University of Coimbra since February 1978. He also collaborates in the Revista de Direito e Economia (Law and Economy Review) (RDE) which is published by this Centre. He is currently head of the Comparative Law research group.

In 1982 he carried out a study for the Ministry of Justice on changes in the Limits of Liability through Risk in road traffic accidents.

In the ambit of a European Science Foundation research project he compiled the (civil law) part of the report on Medical Liability in Portugal (published in Medical Responsibility in Western Europe, 1985).

He has co-authored the Portuguese report for the International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law.

In 1989 he was a member of a committee set up by the Ministry of Justice to draw up a project on Indemnização pelo Estado das Vítimas de Crimes Violentos (Compensation by the State for Victims of Crimes of Violence) (Decree-Law 423/91 of 30 October).

On 24 April 1990 he obtained his Ph.D. from the Faculty of Law, University of Coimbra. He was appointed Professor auxiliar and, in 1995, was promoted to the level of Professor associado by unanimous decision.

He has participated in a variety of colloquiums and study groups, both in Portugal and abroad. Among those whose proceedings have been published (see Bibliography) are: 1986 – in Uppsala, on compensation for personal injury; 1990 – in the Faculty of Law in Lisbon, on medical liability; 1991 – with the Association Henri Capitant, on La Responsabilité Civile des Constructeurs and at the University of Mannheim on the Proposed Directive concerning the liability of the provider of services; 1992 – in the Faculty of Law, Coimbra, on the study of the human genome; 1996 – in Heidelberg, in the commemorations of 100 years of the BGB; 1998- Group of Tilburg, Portuguese report.