Jordi RibotJordi Ribot

Lecturer in Civil Law,
University of Girona,


University of Girona
Facultat de Dret
Campus de Montilivi
E-17071 GIRONA
Tel.: (+34-972) 418 140
Fax: (+34-972) 418 146

Curriculum Vitae

Jordi Ribot was born in 1966. He graduated from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 1989 and obtained his PhD in 1993. He became lecturer in Civil Law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 1994 and at the University of Girona in 1996, where he teaches Spanish and Catalan Civil Law. He is a member of the Observatory of Catalan Private Law, dependent on the Department of Justice of Catalonia, where he currently coordinates the Working Group on Family Law. He is also a member of the “Observatory of European and Comparative Private Law” of the University of Girona and of the “International Society of Family Law” and fellow of the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law (ECTIL, Vienna) He has done research stays at the Max-Planck Institute for International and Comparative Private Law (1995), the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (1998) and the University of Cambridge (2006). His main fields of research are tort law, family law and contract law.