Lucian Bojin

Teaching Assistant
Western University of Timisoara

Western University of Timisoara
Faculty of Law
Bd. Eroilor de la Tisa nr. 9/A
300557 Timisoara
Tel./Fax: (+40 256) 592400
Curriculum Vitae
Lucian Bojin was born in 1975 in Timisoara. He graduated from the University of Timisoara in 1998 and pursued postgraduate studies in Business Law. He is a Teaching Assistant at the Western University of Timisoara in Business Law and International Law. He is also a practicing barrister and a partner in the law firm “Valentin & Asociatii”. He was part of the team that first translated the Treaties instituting the European Communities (published in 1999) into Romanian. He has published papers on European law, International Law, Business Law and Human Rights.