Willem van BoomWillem H. van Boom

Professor of Private Law,
Rotterdam Institute of Private Law,
Erasmus University Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Private Law Department
Room L7-087 PO Box 1738
3000 DR Rotterdam

E-Mail: vanboom@law.eur.nl
Curriculum Vitae
Willem van Boom was born (1969) and educated in the Netherlands. He acquired his law degree at the University of Amsterdam (1992), and his doctorate at Tilburg University (1999).
To give a brief overview of his career, he formerly worked at Tilburg University and Leiden University. In 2002 he was appointed full professor at Tilburg University. Since 2005, Van Boom holds tenure at Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Van Boom's research and teaching expertise cover the wide spectrum of civil and commercial law. His doctorate thesis 'Hoofdelijke verbintenissen' (1999) dealt with doctrinal issues concerning the general principles of joint and several liability.
Currently, his field of interest covers contracts, torts and insurance law. His papers give an insight into their efficacy, their relationship with other forms of private and public law regulation, and alternative arrangements aiming at prevention and compensation.
Van Boom currently participates in the board of editors of Tijdschrift voor Consumentenrecht en Handelspraktijken [Journal of Consumer Law and Trade Practices], Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Burgerlijk Recht [Dutch Journal of Civil Law] and Jurisprudentie Aansprakelijkheid [Liability Case Law Digest].